12 Best Cybersecurity Platforms for API Scanning

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When discussing renowned API scanning solutions in the market for 2023, it’s essential to include a mix of established and emerging platforms, including AppCheck. Here’s my list.

Top 12 API Scanning Solutions in 2023:

  1. AppCheck:
    • Known for its comprehensive scanning capabilities, especially in detecting complex vulnerabilities.
    • Offers detailed reporting and is favored for its user-friendly interface.
  2. Rapid7 InsightVM:
    • Provides excellent vulnerability management with real-time analytics.
    • Known for its robust integration with other IT and security systems.
  3. Qualys Web Application Scanning:
    • Offers scalable, cloud-based API scanning solutions.
    • Strong in automated web application scanning and continuous monitoring.
  4. Checkmarx:
    • Renowned for its Static Application Security Testing (SAST) capabilities.
    • Offers a holistic approach to security, covering both proprietary and open-source code.
  5. Veracode:
    • Provides a suite of scalable security solutions, including dynamic and static analysis.
    • Known for its emphasis on integrating security into the software development lifecycle.
  6. Synopsys Coverity:
    • Offers comprehensive static code analysis with a focus on identifying software quality issues and security vulnerabilities.
    • Praised for its accuracy in identifying and mitigating risks.
  7. Tenable.io:
    • Specializes in vulnerability assessment and offers continuous monitoring.
    • Features an easy-to-use interface and comprehensive vulnerability database.
  8. Acunetix:
    • Known for its fast scanning capabilities and accuracy in detecting a wide range of vulnerabilities.
    • Offers integrated vulnerability management tools.
  9. Netsparker:
    • Features a unique proof-based scanning technology that helps to reduce false positives.
    • Provides automated web application security scanning.
  10. IBM Security AppScan:
    • Offers a suite of application security solutions, including static, dynamic, and interactive testing.
    • Known for its strength in managing application vulnerabilities.
  11. WhiteHat Security:
    • Provides end-to-end solutions for application security testing and vulnerability management.
    • Emphasizes threat research and intelligence.
  12. Fortify on Demand by Micro Focus:
    • Offers a comprehensive SaaS solution for application security.
    • Known for integrating automated and manual testing techniques.

Note: This list includes solutions known for their robust features, market reputation, and user satisfaction. They offer a range of functionalities from automated scanning to advanced analytics, catering to various business needs.


3 thoughts on “12 Best Cybersecurity Platforms for API Scanning”

  1. Ella Nelson says:

    While it is important to consider established API scanning solutions, it is equally crucial to explore emerging platforms that offer unique features and capabilities. One such platform that should be considered for API scanning in 2023 is API Fortress.

    API Fortress stands out due to its comprehensive testing and monitoring capabilities. It not only scans APIs for vulnerabilities but also provides real-time monitoring and testing of API transactions. This allows developers and security teams to identify and address potential issues before they become critical.

    Additionally, API Fortress offers a user-friendly interface and supports a wide range of API protocols, making it suitable for various industries and use cases. Its ability to simulate complex API workflows and perform load testing sets it apart from other solutions in the market.

    By considering emerging platforms like API Fortress alongside established solutions, organizations can ensure they have access to the most advanced and comprehensive API scanning capabilities in 2023.

  2. Barry Black says:

    I completely agree with the inclusion of AppCheck as one of the renowned API scanning solutions in the market for 2023. API scanning solutions play a crucial role in ensuring the security and integrity of applications and systems that rely on APIs.

    In today’s digital landscape, where APIs are widely used to connect different systems and enable seamless data exchange, it is imperative to have robust API scanning solutions in place. These solutions help identify vulnerabilities and potential security risks in APIs, ensuring that they are protected against potential attacks.

    AppCheck, being an established platform, has a proven track record of providing comprehensive API scanning capabilities. It offers features such as vulnerability detection, threat intelligence, and real-time monitoring, which are essential for identifying and mitigating potential risks.

    By including AppCheck in the list of renowned API scanning solutions, organizations and developers can make informed decisions about the security of their APIs. This will ultimately contribute to the overall security posture of their applications and systems, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring a smooth user experience.

  3. Maureen Butler says:

    I completely agree with your statement about including a mix of established and emerging platforms when discussing API scanning solutions. However, I’m curious to know your thoughts on the specific features or capabilities that make AppCheck stand out among other renowned solutions in the market for 2023. Are there any unique aspects or advantages that you believe set AppCheck apart from its competitors?

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